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Mailfilter Donations

Why donate?

Maintaining and pushing forward the Mailfilter project consumes a lot of my spare time, energy and unfortunately even money. As a student I do not have a high salary or get any other sorts of financial compensation for all the work I put into open source products. You can help the development of Mailfilter (even if you are not a programmer) with your donation. If you find this program useful to keep away unpleasant spam e-mails from your account, then you can show your appreciation and support by making a small donation.

The money would help immensely in keeping the web pages up to date (i. e. cover ISP costs), in answering user feedback and questions via e-mail or mailing lists and in affording additional hardware for testing purposes (i. e. extra hard disks with alternative operating systems). I have also built up reasonably huge expenses demonstrating the use of Mailfilter on Linux user meetings, in schools and at universities.

Using Kagi to make a Donation

Your donation will be processed by Kagi in the USA. You can contact them at sales@kagi.com with any questions related to the payment over their system.

The order site is secure and lets you pay by credit card, cash or check. All the details which you provide can not be intercepted by a third party.

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