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Mailfilter Requirements

Mailfilter is available in many different pre-compiled binary packages for various platforms. The requirements to merely run any of these are relatively little. However, if you want to compile the program's source code yourself, then your system must provide a few additional utilities and features.

Requirements to merely run Mailfilter:

  • A Unix (-like) operating system such as Solaris, Irix, Linux, etc.
    (Also works with Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP if you have additional libraries and utilities installed. Please read the FAQ for further details.)
  • Support for BSD-type sockets
  • A network connection and one or many POP accounts to check for spam

Additional Requirements to compile the Source Code:

  • A recent C and C++ compiler (e.g., GCC 2.95.x or greater)
  • A scanner generator like flex (Try http://lex.sf.net/ if GNU flex fails!)
  • A parser generator like GNU Bison (or yacc)

Also note that packages are already shipped with many systems, such as Debian, Mandriva, Fedora, and various BSDs. If you run any of these systems, then you may not need to compile from source at all.

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