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Mailfilter - The Anti-Spam Utility

Copyright © 2000-2016 Andreas Bauer <baueran@gmail.com>

General Information:

Mailfilter is a flexible utility for Unix (-like) operating systems to get rid of unwanted spam mails, before having to go through the trouble of downloading them into the local computer. It offers support for one or many POP accounts and is especially useful for dialup connections via modem, ISDN, etc.

Mailfilter connects to any POP mail box and compares part of its content to a set of user defined filter rules. That way the spam gets deleted directly on the mail server.

With Mailfilter you can define your own filters (rules) to determine which e-mails should be delivered and which are considered waste. Rules are regular expressions, so you can make use of familiar options from other mail delivery programs such as e.g. procmail.

Mailfilter is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. For more information, see the README and COPYING documents provided with the Mailfilter program.

Program Features:

  • Checks one or many POP accounts for spam and other unwanted e-mails, before you have to download the junk
  • Very flexible configuration of filter rules to determine spam
  • Very flexible configuration of friends lists to determine 'friendly' e-mails
  • Mailfilter does not interfere with your current e-mail environment as it is an independent application
  • Works especially well as stand-alone application, as a cron job, or with programs like fetchmail
  • Keeps log files of deleted message headers
  • It's small, efficient and runs on many different platforms
  • It's free and open
  • ...

Current Status:

Oct-25-2016:    Released 0.8.6 - Stable Version

Last updated on Oct 25, 2016 by Andreas Bauer.
Copyright © 2000-2016 Andreas Bauer. All rights reserved.
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