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Mailfilter Download

To download the latest version of Mailfilter just get one of the following files (preferably select the location closest to you). Please read the NEWS file to find out about feature enhancements and other program updates. Read the requirements page, before you report potential compile-time problems.

Last Stable Version: 0.8.6:

Packages for other Platforms:

These binary packages are made up by fellow Mailfilter users. There are, however, further distribution-specific files available from several other vendors, e. g. Gentoo or Mandrake Linux. Please contact the vendor directly, in case you have questions regarding the availability of Mailfilter for a certain platform.

SVN Access:

Mailfilter's SourceForge SVN repository can be checked out with the following instruction set.

svn co https://mailfilter.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/mailfilter mailfilter

By using a web interface, you can browse the SVN repository online and see project branches, tag names, etc.

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